Most of the spirit of this comes under accepting the things I cannot change.  Mostly, I cannot change other people, and so I need to detach and let them make their own mistakes being, if I can, a power of example.  That’s harder with people I’m responsible for, say my children, when they were younger, or people I supervise.  In general, though, I have to remember that I’m not the boss of everything, and if I was the boss of everything, we’d quickly be in big, big trouble.

Sometimes in sobriety people have to really detach from loved-ones who might threaten their sobriety.  I haven’t been through that, and I’m not sure what I’d do.  The final truism I always cling to is that if I drink, I can’t help anyone in anyway.  Rather, I will endanger them.  So if it came down to that, I hope I’d choose to detach rather than drink.


One thought on “Detaching

  1. Excellent reminder … Detachment is a better choice .. with time , perhaps the relationship can become something new and healthy ..

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