September 12, 2015 (this day)

IMG_0158I’m the mother of a 30-year-old who I have to travel a great distance to see, and during that travel I experience all kinds of weather that I don’t want to experience.  I took this picture after we pulled over because visibility was about three feet, and then there was hail.  Not fun.

But she’s never yet been endangered by my alcoholism, and that’s more than I ever could have dreamed.  Had I drank any time since she was conceived until now, I know the results would have been tragic.  On the other hand, I still have to deal with my mother’s drinking.  I’m 53, and my mother is 75, and I’m here to tell everyone once again that it’s never too late to give your child a sober mother.


One thought on “September 12, 2015 (this day)

  1. 😦 I wish that for you too Lydia. We don’t know eachother other than a post and a comment here and there but I would like to say that I am happy that you have been able to leave alcohol behind and to not worry your child with its consequences. That decission makes the world a better place.
    I am sorry that you have to live every day with the sad reminder of how it could have been otherwise. Alcohol is so very, very evil. 😦
    Hugs and more hugs, Feeling

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