August 29, 2015 (this day)


Trying to send PDFs to my Kindle to read somewhat comfortably.  I feel like I’m always trying to do the next thing with technology.  If I could go back ten years I could work it all perfectly.  Instead I know the technology exists to allow me to read PDFs on the Kindle, so I try.  With so-so results.

My life is mostly back to normal, though soon I have to (get to) travel again to see my daughter for her 30th birthday.  Her life has been one of the most complete miracles of mine, and, for the purpose of this blog, an extreme gift and miracle of sobriety.  I won’t take tons of credit.  I deserve none, in a way, because on my own I was incapable of sustaining my own life, forget about creating and nurturing another (and another – not forgetting my son but he’s not turning 30!).

Our meeting will have its birthday while we’re gone and Carole and I cannot remember if it will be 10 or 11 years old.  This is abominable, given the history buffs we can be.  We kept no record and just don’t know.  I wonder if I can go back in my checking to see when we first paid the church and the local AA office.

There are a few people from that time who still attend, but not many.  Some attenders and members of the group have died, some because of alcohol.  The church itself is in danger of closing and that would be a shame.  I’m not sure what would happen to the meeting then.  We started it on Saturdays because there were no early Saturday meetings in our area, and because we needed something to do Saturday nights.  Many people have shared since then that in early sobriety it became a safe place for them, because Saturday night can be a danger zone for alcoholics.  I can’t relate because I drank every day (and night), but I understand, and I’m glad.  And sorry to miss the anniversary.  And glad the meeting is healthy enough for the celebration to go on without us.  And grateful beyond measure for what we’ll be celebrating at the same time.


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