Decision Making

The AA way is to pray about it, meditate on it, and discuss it with trusted advisors.  It hoped that we might get an intuitive thought about which way to go, what to do.  It is promised that even if we make the wrong decision, we will learn from it and grow.

What a healthy way to look at things!  One of the things I appreciate most about AA is that it gives me these clues and this plan.  In most of my regular life, I don’t like indecisiveness and will try to make a decision one way or another quickly, if possible.  When I think of difficult decisions I’ve made recently, deciding two years ago not to go to Alaska then deciding one year ago to do it comes to mind.  I didn’t really pray, meditate, or talk about it much, mostly because I knew the right thing to do and I knew what was standing in my way, namely me and my character defects.

And some decisions really are bad, and cause suffering.  Given that, I understand the sentiment to be that we need to go on and do better next time.

Also this brings up the questions for me:  what is prayer?  What is meditation?  To be continued…


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