Any Number of A.A.’s can Say to the Drifter (Step Two continued)

Any number of A.A.’s can say to the drifter, “Yes, we were diverted from our childhood faith, too.  The overconfidence of youth was too much for us.  Of course, we were glad that good home and religious training had given us certain values.  We were still sure that we ought to be fairly honest, tolerant, and just, that we ought to be ambitious and hardworking.  We became convinced that such simple rules of fair play and decency would be enough.

“As material success founded upon no more than these ordinary attributes began to come to us, we felt we were winning at the game of life.  This was exhilarating, and it made us happy.  Why should we be bothered with theological abstraction and religious duties, or with the state of our souls here or hereafter?  The here and now was good enough for us.  The will to win would carry us through.  But then alcohol began to have its way with us.  Finally, when all our score cards read ‘zero,’ and we saw that one more strike would put us out of the game forever, we had to look for our lost faith.  It was in A.A. that we rediscovered it.  And so can you.”

Again, I’ve included this mostly for completeness.  I find it interesting that the passage goes from “alcohol began to have its way with us” to “one more strike would put us out of the game forever. ”  For me, the time between those two was very short.  The time when, for example, my good enough behavior and intelligence got me good grades in high school to the time when alcohol made me fail and drop college classes was very short.  I’m grateful.  So that’s the way I came back to believe, by being driven to my knees by the obsession to drink.


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