April 28, 2015 (this day)

She’s there and she’s fine.  I’m here and I’m fine.  This amazing life is brought to me by Alcoholics Anonymous!


The anticipation was murder, and the first day was pretty bad as well.  I’ve been engaging in nonstop activities of many sorts like meetings, work, shopping, a play, a concert.  I’m still terribly, terribly worried and frightened also, but I’m able to tolerate it and enjoy my days and nights.  I don’t have much time for the regular stuff, like writing here.  But that’s OK.  I’m making it.  And I’m practicing for the next time.  Because my darling daughter informed me that “next” she wants to go to Argentina.


One thought on “April 28, 2015 (this day)

  1. I am happy you are dealing ok. And yes, well….. I don’t have kids but there are people who say: ‘first our parents teach us, then our partner, then our kids’. I’m guessing I know why I skipped 2 of those and that it is not always enjoyable. 😦 But I’m sure you will have a lovely time catching up when she gets back :-).
    xx, Feeling

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