March 4, 2015 (this day)

IMG_0756The weather has been kind of relentless and the people in this part of the world are sick of it!  I didn’t make it to the Thursday meeting last week and I probably won’t tomorrow, either, because of snow and ice and snow and freezing rain and snow and cold and snow.  In my early sobriety it was important to chase the program as enthusiastically as I had chased alcohol.  Now I will go to my home group every week and wait for the weather to clear for the rest!


I was reading a book (not AA-approved) that said the winners continue to try to get better because they want to, and they should.  The losers wait until the pain is too much to handle, then improve only enough to stop the pain.  It’s an interesting concept.  I didn’t stop drinking until the pain was so bad that I was just about dead.  I think I do now continue to try to get better just  because I should, but mostly nothing motivates me as much as pain does.  Just about everyone in AA got there due to pain.  If, after not drinking for a long time, I still the program as the road map to follow to change myself so that I end up in less pain, I count that as a good thing, and myself as a winner (for today) for sure.


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