October 2, 2014 (this day)

IMG_0582The weather has been absolutely perfect for a long time now.  Windows open day and night.  Mostly sunny, not too hot, and even a little rain to keep things hydrated.

Carole and I, and two other AA friends, have been helping care for the cats of a friend of ours who is in rehab.  When we tried to convince her to go, the first thing she said was, “My cats . . . ”  We promised we’d care for them and we have.  We’ve strengthened our sobriety in many ways, by knowing that it could easily have been and still could be us who needs rehab and pet sitters.  I feel that in this way we’ve also made amends to the pets we had when we were drinking, who we neglected or didn’t treat right in other ways because drinking, it was all about me.  Taking care of the pets of an alcoholic who can’t do it makes sense to me.  And we’ve shown our friend and her family that AAs will do lots to assist the sobriety of someone who asks for help.  I’m so hopeful about her life after rehab.  She was clearly going down, getting worse, insanely hoping to still figure out how to drink successfully.


I was at a meeting where they were talking about how drinking kills people.  I thought of my uncle, and of my ex, and of my father.  I had my ex’s girlfriend’s Big Book.  She died years ago, in her 30s.  My father died in his 30s.  My uncle and my ex died in their 60s.  All ugly, painful, unnecessary and sad deaths.  I once her heard it put this way, that some of us would rather die than live a spiritual life.  Anyway, our friend in rehab does not have to die that way.  With the alcohol out of her, I believe she has a choice, and I hope she chooses to live.  If she’s like me, once she picks up, her choice is gone and she’s compelled to continue.


So with the perfect weather I’m doing my best to enjoy a perfect, serene, wonderful life for this day.  And I have very high hopes for tomorrow as well.


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