Clarity of Thought

IMG_0516The difference between clear thinking and drunken thinking is vast, and one of the first reward of sobriety that I experienced as clear(er) thinking.  Not only did alcoholism distort everything thought I had when I was under the influence, it also dominated my thoughts on the rare occasions I may have been more than halfway sober.  I always knew how much I had, where I had it, what my plan was for getting more, for getting enough.  I stayed in a terrible relationship and barely scraped through at school or any job I had.


Once I became sober for what would turn out to be a good long time, I was better able to work on the brainwashing that is the AA way of thinking.  And I use the word “brainwashing” with the utmost love and respect.  My brain was in desperate need of a wash.


The way I see it now, all the things that being active in AA mean worked together and over time to clear my thinking.  They still do, though the results are less dramatic as time goes by.  For me AA provides a plan and a map to follow, and it gives me the unlimited help of people who are being successful at it to guide me through my everyday life and huge events that I experience.  I understand people and things better than I ever had, and it’s not because I read a book or took a class or paid a therapist.


And if anyone reading this knows the answer to this question, please tell me:  What does the “Think Think Think” slogan mean, and why do we put the sign upside down?


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