Monday, July 14, 2014 (this day)

I had to check the calendar to see what day it is!  I’m on vacation.


And so.  My mother and son are pet sitting the dog.  She’s an 11ish year old big black dog, probably golden retriever mixed with muttly mutt.  She is so precious.  She is afraid of thunder.  Last night, my mother was sitting in the bathroom with her during the thunder because that’s where she feels safest.  A few days before we left, she had another episode of unexplained lameness.  All of a sudden she won’t put a varying paw down.  She’s been through two rounds or antibiotics for Lyme’s, for which she had a positive blood test.  But it could be recurrent or chronic Lyme’s, arthritis, both, neither, something different.  A 65-pound dog who can’t get up and down at least the back stairs to pee will be a problem for me and Carole physically.  The problem it will be for my heart . . .


Why am I thinking about this on vacation?  I guess I miss her.  I know I do, and that I worry.  I really try and live each day giving her the best day she can have, and just know that at some point, if I’m very lucky and nothing happens to me first, I’ll have to say goodbye to her.  Hearing my mother in the bathroom with her last night tells me I’m probably doing my best.  And for dog behaviorists I can promise that the dog is equally frightened by the thunder no matter what the person does or doesn’t do, so I say do what makes the person feel best.


Otherwise – I’m somewhere that French is the first language.  Through my misspent drunken youth, I took nine whole years of French but I’ve never been able to understand it when I listen to it.  A quick look at the TV tells me what the past 30 years of not studying it haven’t increased my skill any.  I am so much less adventurous than I was back then, even when I was sober.


And Carole seems to OK going to an all French AA meeting.  And she didn’t study French for nine years in school.  I just try to picture someone who doesn’t speak English trying to attend an English AA meeting, and I really don’t want to try this.  For the spiritual camaraderie, I’m sure it’s wonderful and awesome, and actually I did attend one meeting the only other time I left the US, thirty years ago.  But I was so much less intimidated by things back then, though my French wasn’t any better than now.


So we plan to make and English-speaking meeting this week in a city some distance away.  I would say, in French, “That should be good!”  But the ‘should be’ construction escapes me (if I ever knew it).  C’est bon!


Apologies to my dead French teachers, who I trust were well compensated not in proportion to the French I didn’t learn.  Also I must say the AA website has the Big Book in French.  Tres bien!


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