May 13, 2014 (this day)

IMG_0075Twelve months ago we started the bathroom demolition.  Now the kitchen is demolished.  The bathroom we planned for, the kitchen we did not.  The joys of an old house!  Actually it is a joy, and we do love the oldness of the house.  But living without a kitchen sink is very very hard.

Also hard is my dog in the thunder.  It thundered all night, and she panicked all night, and I was awake all night.  I’m tired now.  I’m tired, it’s hot.  I hate heat, and heat brings more thunder.  And I have no kitchen sink, no dishwasher, no stove, no counter.  I think my sinuses are chronically stuffy, my skin is really dry, and my hair is really huge in the humidity.  And I’m fat.  And old.  And next week, I have to have a scary lipoma removed.  It’s big, and the doctor does it in the office using only novocaine.  I’m overdue for my constant dental visits (every three months, really, so that I can keep my teeth a while longer).

Everything is just so much worse when you’ve had a 65 pound dog drooling and panicking on you all night long.  And of course while I was at work she rested up for tonight.  I may send her to a hotel.

Now, the way that AA works:  Thank you higher power for the bathroom with clean hot and cold water, the spiffy new bathroom with hot and cold water, the insurance that helps pay for the new kitchen, the new things in the new kitchen and the old things in the new kitchen, the workers to fix the new kitchen, to food to put in there and the money to buy the food, the old house, the money to buy and maintain the old house, the safe neighborhood the old house is in, the precious, precious dog, the money to maintain the precious precious dog, the partner to share the precious precious dog with me all night long, the thunder that brings enough rain to keep my environment watered and healthy, doctors of any type I need and the best medical care in the world.  Thank you for novocaine!  And hair!  And my job!  And money for tonight’s hotel . . .


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