May 3, 2014 (this day)

IMG_0263Two years ago we traveled to be at my cousin’s wedding.  Now her baby is born and her father is dead.  And her cousin (me), has marked 30 years of sobriety.


Our kitchen nightmare continues.  As I write, men are repainting either the kitchen or the basement after taking down the kitchen ceiling, one of the kitchen walls, and taking everything out of the cold storage rooms.  It will be another three weeks (I say at least) until the kitchen is functional again.  It is disconcerting and disruptive, and we are so, so, so, so lucky that this isn’t a hardship, just an annoyance.  Our goal for the duration is not to gain weight as a result of it all.


A quick story about my character defect of self-consciousness.  I needed to buy yarn.  OK, I wanted to buy yarn.  For many reasons, I feel that shopping at the local yarn store is better than going to a big national chain.  My closest local yarn store is very very small.  I don’t want to go there alone because I’m afraid they will pay too much attention to me.  That they will ask me what I need, watch me look at yarn.  I was able to go yesterday and honestly, I left work at 4 and the local yarn store closes at 5, so I truly didn’t have enough time to make it.  The other, less local yarn store is bigger, and I pass near it on my way home, but I’ve never driven there by myself, don’t know how to park there, and the traffic was bad, so I didn’t want to get off the highway and back on.  So I went to the big chain store.


If I didn’t know better I would swear there is no hope for me.

2 thoughts on “May 3, 2014 (this day)

  1. Congrats on 30 years – that’s absolutely fantastic – very inspiring. So May 3rd is your dry date? Mine is the 4th of May 🙂 I will have a “measly” 3 yrs. tomorrow.

    I too am self-conscious and would have done what you did. I something think I am being a bother or don’t want that specific attention. Sometimes I “suffer” through it and it’s never as bad as I think it will be…and yet, I still have that fear.

    Anyway, congrats again – that’s amazing.


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