Dry by Augusten Burroughs (literature as a tool)

This book is called a memoir, and inside the author writes that events have been changed and some are not intended to portray actual events.

I found it to be an excellent description of addiction, recovery and early sobriety.  It’s also entertaining.

Burroughs describes his life as it was drinking and using.  Although he doesn’t lose his job, his job does send him to rehab, and the bottom he recounts before rehab is, in my opinion, pretty low.  His description of his experiences at rehab are amusing.  His life after rehab takes on a sadder cast, and he describes the conflicts and temptations of early sobriety well.

The parts of this book that deal with AA are rather small, and they could possibly turn the uninitiated off to the program, but probably not.  For someone who is initiated and lives the program, like me, I’d say this book speaks to my experience (though my experience is different, all of our experiences are the same), speaks my language, and gives credence to my way of life by acknowledging it in literature.

I mean, read this book!


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