November 29, 2013 (this day)

IMG_1262My daughter is visiting with her two cats, and my resident cats are not happy.

My mother is here.  She doesn’t have cats anymore.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving.  As I got a few “happy Thanksgiving” messages from people I know in the program, I thought about how each of them, and all the other AA people I know, really, make my life so much richer.

I worked today and lots of the people I work with were upset that our agency took the day after Thanksgiving away as a paid holiday for us.  People on the news are upset that many stores were opening on Thanksgiving.  It was a quiet day and I’m glad I went.  I spent more time trying to move into my spiffy new office while my mother, wife, and daughter went shopping.

The plans for my daughter’s graduation next week go forward.  The plans for us to get “legally” married after that go forward.  I had the honor of witnessing the marriage of two program friends who did the legal deal due to a need for health insurance.  It’s crazy to me, the legal aspects and the spiritual aspects and how the twain don’t meet.

Since this is my AA blog, I’ll write that two slogans come to mind.  “Remember what you would have settled for.”  I would have settled for so much less.  “Beyond your wildest dreams.”  Yes, in just about every way.  Yes.

One thought on “November 29, 2013 (this day)

  1. My hubby and I met in AA also and have been married 13 years and have been together 16. We met in AA back in 1988 but didn”t get together til 1997.
    I continuously relapsed and he stayed clean and sober. I finally got it in 197 and have been clean and sober ever since.
    Nice to meet you and I am Ruth, recovering alcoholic and addict.

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