October 26, 2013 (this day)

IMG_0227It’s chilly but most of the leaves haven’t turned yet.  I think it’s a great time of year.  Not too hot, and not too cold.  No snow except for a flurry.

I don’t have much going on.  I use a magnetic calendar at work and on Fridays I switch up the weeks.  I have no days off planned for the next four weeks.  That’s a little daunting.

Then.  My daughter will most likely graduate with a Master’s in environmental chemistry on December 6.  An excellent stop along the wonderful road of being a mother to a daughter.  A daughter is probably what I wanted most in life.  And I could not have dreamed her up if I had tried.  She is so much more than I can understand.  The view of my desire would have been much much less than what I got.

Then later in December Carole and I will cross the border into one of fourteen of states of the United States where it is legal and we will get legally married.  Because our state will have to recognize it in some legal, financial ways, we won’t wait for it to be legal here.

I chanced (believe me, I didn’t plan) to see some men from the Heritage Foundation ask questions of a judge on TV today.  The resources and energy people put into fighting this boggles my mind.  And after it boggles, me being a good AA I must turn my mind from that to the amazing fact that is will be partially legal for me soon.

The church where we have our meeting is having their annual rummage sale.  We get squeezed into a small room because their stuff is everywhere.  The neighbor I wrote about, Phyllis, who came to AA and experienced some sobriety in the last years of her life, then died, used to buy the meeting goodies from the church’s bake sale and now her husband does it.  There are so many active members of the group now that Carole and I rarely chair anymore.  That is really nice.  We’ll go out after the meeting with lots of the people there (everyone is invited) and that’s really nice as well.


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