The Bottom is Where You Stop Digging (you hit bottom when you stop digging)

IMG_0824It’s good to have a dog to help you clean the floor if ever you should drop a turkey.  Just sayin.’

This wisdom of the bottom makes me think of chronic relapsers like me.  It implies that I may have some control, and that something I am doing or not doing is preventing me from maintaining sobriety.  That’s true, to a point.  I surely didn’t follow the program thoroughly, but I don’t know if I was capable of doing that or not.  The “stop digging” I’d like to point out to the repeat offenders I know is to stop disregarding parts of the program, stop lying to yourself and face the reality of your situation.  If only.

As an oldtimer it’s interesting to me to try to apply these principles to my life as it is today, when drinking isn’t a consideration.  I’ll never be free from the label of alcoholic.  I don’t want to be free from it.  But many days go by that alcohol doesn’t cross my mind in any way, and certainly very long periods of time go by when I don’t think of actually drinking it myself.

But there are other problems of daily living and other kinds of dysfunctional and harmful behavior that I engage in.  These behaviors get more entrenched as the years go by, and still I choose to keep doing them.  And I can’t completely make the mental jump from drinking to other behaviors, I guess because the consequences aren’t so dire and so immediate.


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