Bored with AA

IMG_1180Boredom with the program is a big problem, I think.  People who drift away sometimes complain that we are going over the same thing again and again and again.

Because we are.  I admit that I am sometimes bored at a meeting.  I value “free” time very highly, and I can feel that a boring meeting is taking away from that.  I can be judgmental as well about what is said at a discussion meeting.  Especially if people go on what is, in my opinion, too long.  For some lucky ducks, just being out of the house, somewhere among friends is stimulation enough to keep meetings interesting and to make them enjoyable.  I have a theory that these are people who liked to drink in bars.  I’m not one of them, though I am a bit jealous of those who profess to “love” meetings and show it by going often, year after year.

That said, I am not bored with the program and I’m not bored at most meetings, which really to me is just a bonus.  I’m sure that dialysis must be quite boring, but people who need it, need it.  It’s that way with me and meetings.  I need it.  The fact that it’s usually satisfying and interesting is a bonus, that’s all.

I do a few things to keep my boredom at bay.  I try hard not to talk about “when I first stopped drinking” in a discussion meeting unless it relates very directly to the topic.  I try to bring what I say into the present, and sometimes other people do that as well.  That’s more interesting to me at this point than observations about “when I first stopped drinking.”

I belong to one group and I attend that meeting every week.  Over time that gives me long relationships with some of the people there, and so I look forward to seeing them and enjoy being with them.  I usually make one other meeting every week, and I switch that around all the time so that I don’t run the risk of hearing the same people say the same thing week after week.  There are many meetings in my area, and I’ll travel a bit to go to one I’ve never been to, or hardly been to.

I read program-related stuff, old and new.  That keeps me interested and adds to my total experience of AA, making it richer and deeper.  There’s so much to learn, I know I’ll never run out of material.  Learning more about AA can make meetings more interesting for me because I understand better what’s actually going on.

Being entertained by AA is not a goal of mine.  The fact that AA is often entertaining is a plus, but it’s not necessary.  If everyone who got bored had left before I came to AA, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be here.  If I get bored, I’ll actively look for ways to change my mind and attitude and I will stick it out and keep coming back.

3 thoughts on “Bored with AA

  1. I just thought of writing this after ready about boredom. Well it is all how we look at things. At times everything is boring, why AA? Whole life appears boring. Actually I do not know. I ask help to that higher power. So far it has come. I do not know how and why.

  2. This was helpful. Im two years sober and starting to have pretty string feelings of being bored with the program. I should switch it up a bit. I feel like ive hit a plateau and keeping hearing the same things.

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