September 11, 2013 (this day)

IMG_1097Jury duty!


This is testing my serenity so severely!!

I got my original summons in July, for a time when we’d be away.  I took the one freebie postponement and ended up with a date in August.  Then our state licensing got scheduled for two days after that.  Dude who mans the phone told me to show up and say I can’t concentrate, and get a pass for a year.  I asked him to just give me another date.  He gave me the date of this past Monday.

I didn’t expect my group to get called in, and it did.  I didn’t expect to end up on a jury, and I did.  They didn’t ask me much, and I answered honestly, and through the whole thing I just had a feeling of unreality, like this isn’t happening to me.

Of course I know that I need to support the jury system.  Of course I judge all the special snowflakes who are too important to the regular world to take time out to do this.  Ahem.

It stresses me most because as an introvert, I do not like to deal all day with people I do not know.  It also challenges my severe dislike of change and things that are different.  I have to travel to the downtown part of the city.  I have to park and hike and carry with me all I need for that day.  I have to dehydrate myself because although they say they will stop for a break if needed, I really don’t want to be the one who stops the trial because I have to pee.  And I have to be away from work, and not for a fun reason.

My trial is to finish tomorrow, I so hope.  The passing judgement thing won’t be much fun either.  I’m upset with myself that I’ve let this upset me so much.  I’m grateful for my boring predictable life and my impending return to it.  I’m grateful for the system but yikes, I hope my gratitude doesn’t have to express itself in service again any time soon.


2 thoughts on “September 11, 2013 (this day)

  1. It might be fun. I had jury duty for a guy who stole a package of underwear from a five and dime. But when he got caught, he ran like crazy. And he was a repeat offender. He had a record for stealing a package of underwear before.

    • Unfortunately, mine was not so whimsical. I feel bad for all concerned. Only good thing for me that came out of it was a pink cloud I’m still riding right into my “normal” life. So glad I don’t have to deal with that situation any longer.

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