Being Useful

I’m on vacation, so this concept takes on a bit of a different meaning.  In my “real” life, the chances to be useful are practically endless.  My home always needs to have something cleaned or fixed or put away.  My three cats and one dog always need to be walked, fed, petted, brushed, played with and loved.  My work is endlessly useful.  Though it’s not as much fun as it once was when I worked with clients all day long, it is, in a way, more useful because it’s less fun.  Now I have to find, interview, and hire the people who do that.  I have to discipline them when they go wrong, encourage them when you try to go right, and endlessly teach them to work with the clients.  With state licensing coming up, I have to make sure all the day-to-day goodness is packaged correctly so as not to invite censure by the state.  Useful.

My AA life at home is slightly useful, I think.  Of course I’m an example at all times of long sobriety.  I participate and try to help and try to grow.  I hope my love of AA is obvious and inspires someone somewhere at some time to keep going.

On vacation I’m participating in AA.  We went to a meeting last night that was listed incorrectly on the web.  That happens a lot.  We were late to the Big Book meeting but I think it’s just as well.  They were reading “Working with Others, ” the entire chapter, then had 15 minutes left to discuss.  But I won’t judge.  Anyway we showed up to support them and participate and represent.  Today we are planning to visit a historic AA place and I’m so hopeful that it works out that I won’t even go into it until I see that it did work out.  And, in some small way, I think that our participation in that helps support and continue AA.  We have no holy ground or consecrated places, but to me all of the ground is holy and every place is consecrated.  I’m so grateful for the history of AA that I can’t find words to express it.

Now, on vacation, I have the opportunity to help a friend with a paper for school.  It’s not about AA but is about my work.  My experience can benefit others.  My way is clear and I will go right now to do that.  Being useful, and grateful for the chance.

One thought on “Being Useful

  1. Thank you for this post. I am new in sobriety (8 months) and when I finally started feeling my feelings again I was surprised that one of them was the need to feel useful. I try every day to find some way that I can make myself useful to someone other than myself. It keeps me going. 🙂

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