July 8, 2013 (this day)

IMG_0108Our bathroom was done, and beautiful, and then there was water on the kitchen ceiling, just below the toilet.  Now it’s done again.  I had been writing before (and thinking before) about optimism and pessimism and being hopeful vs. being realistic.  The fantastic bathroom may just very well be too good to be true.  We shall see.  Expecting it to take longer and cost more than the estimate turned out to be realistic.  So far we’ve been accepting and appreciative, mostly.  Almost completely.

The heat has not been terrible, and we’ve rigged window air conditioners and curtains across the doorway where there can’t be a door.  I like many things about the summer, but it is the toughest weather for me to handle.  We’re going on vacation soon, and going north for a change.  I think it is an excellent idea in summer, and there’s quite a lot of the world north of us.

Other exciting events in my life recently include the thrashing my car got Friday by a very young person I work with.  She was parking next to me and why she didn’t stop when first her bumper met my bumper, I just don’t know.  But she didn’t.  I’m pretty sure next time that happens to her, she will.  Again so far I’ve managed to be accepting and appreciative, even with the annoying insurance people.

And I got a jury summons for the second time in my life.  The first time my kids were young enough that I was excused for that reason.  This one came for when I’ll be on vacation, so I asked for and got a postponement.  Now I’m waiting for the second summons and this is much, much more difficult for me to accept and appreciate.  I don’t want to go so strongly I would gladly pay someone to go in my place.  But I’m working on my attitude, which is the only part of this that I can change.  At least today I have an ideal and a plan.  And a beautiful bathroom!

One thought on “July 8, 2013 (this day)

  1. Enjoy your vacation!
    Jury duty cracks me up. I had jury duty and my case was a repeat offender shoplifter who stole a three pack of underwear from Woolworths. And his previous conviction was stealing a three pack of underwear from Woolworths.
    Then I moved two miles down the road, but in a different city, and got summoned for jury duty again, but got out because I had just served.

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