May 5, 2013 (this day)

IMG_0274I’ve been sick.  I really think I just got a massive allergy overdose, but if that’s it, I haven’t been this sick from allergies ever.  I went down hill all week, losing my voice by the end of the day Thursday and Friday, having a cough and feeling awful.  I haven’t left the house since I got home from work Friday and I don’t plan to until I go to work tomorrow.  That is truly luxurious, something I appreciate immensely.  I know many people who feel like they must get out, but I don’t feel that way at all.  This is not much of a problem (except maybe when my “what’s next?” wife has a problem with it) since I work Monday through Friday, about 25 miles away from where I live.  I could see it getting bad if I really didn’t have to go anywhere.  But that’s not happening any time soon.

We actually have a plan, and tickets, to see Pippin on Broadway.  It was the first play I saw on Broadway (I think, and my mother isn’t helping me figure it out) when I was 12, so around 1974.  Carole and I took the kids to a farm-theater production of it many years ago, and the kids are going with us this time.  It’s a very long distance for all of us, so lots of time and money.  But my daughter said she’d go without us if we didn’t go and honestly, it seems like it might fun.  Expensive fun.  I keep reminding myself to appreciate the times when the kids, now aged 27 and 25, will still do things with us, just the four of us, because inevitably that arrangement won’t last forever.  It does seem to go on and on, though, and I truly treasure it.  By the time I was their ages, I had them.  They are doing much better than I was.

May 1st I marked 29 years sober.  I think I lost my ability to comprehend these numbers somewhere after 25.  Like, if you’re a billionaire, does it matter if you have 29 billion dollars, or 30?  These years are more precious than billions of dollars.

I haven’t been sick more than briefly in years.  I’m going to appreciate my good health as soon as it gets back here.  I promise that I will.  Right now I’m grateful that what I have is not serious and not permanent.  Very grateful.  That is the attitude I have today.

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