April 3, 2013 (this day and search terms that brought you here)

Not much is going on for me right now.  I’m going to work and coming home, going to meetings, going to the doctor and the dentist.  Our weather is still frigid with frequent snow but warmer temps are forecast.  We are planning to have our bathroom redone and planning a trip to Vermont in July, including the place where Bill Wilson grew up.  I did go to a meeting last week where we read Tradition Three.  That was interesting, since as I understand it, the man with the “worse addiction” was gay.  How awesome to read that he was welcomed into AA, and that 75 short years later the Supreme Court would be hearing arguments for legalizing gay marriage.  My attendance at that meeting, or membership in AA has never been questioned by anyone because I’m gay.

On to some search terms that brought readers here:

  • what does humbly asked him to remove our shortcomings mean  It means that after doing a moral inventory, and identifying character defects, we become ready to have them removed and then actually ask our Higher Power to do so.  To me this means doing the work and suffering through the experience of giving up my bad habits, and using the wisdom that’s out there in other people and other resources because I can’t or won’t or don’t do it on my own.
  • restraint of pen and tongue  One of my favorites!  Sleep on it.  Don’t react.  Take time and think and talk to other people and then respond.
  • how to find a higher power  Look for one.  Acknowledge that you are not the most potent force in the universe.  Any group of people in AA is a power greater than you.  They have solved their problem with alcohol.  They have wisdom and experience beyond what you can ever hope to have.  Look into religions that appeal to you.  Read about spiritual experiences.  Ask other people how they did it.  Be open and even just a little bit willing.
  • why is people pleasing a defect of character  Because it’s dishonest and self-serving.  It’s like trying to trick someone into liking you.  It’s all about you and your desire to be liked, not about the needs of the situation.

And finally

  • do women 13th step me in aa  I don’t know, do they?  I hope not, and shame on them if they do.  But hey, that’s a terrible thing, taking advantage of a newcomer.  As much as women should not do this, newcomers also have to be aware and look out for themselves.  AA is not a safe place.  It just isn’t.

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