February 26, 2013 (this day)

IMG_0035I had to do something special for work today, and Carole came and helped out.  We had to go to Carole’s church and help my clients get the church newsletter ready for mailing.  That made a short day for me, finally.  My work partner was on vacation for a week and then sick for a week.  She’s still sick, but she’s back to work.  And all during the time she was gone, we had short staff.  That is the hardest thing for me handle at work, and I had to do it for two weeks all alone.  I’m trying really hard to remember that these past two weeks have been fine, with lots of good stuff going on as well.  I feel like the experience was like heavy lifting, and now that the load is lighter, I can appreciate the light load more than I did before.

Our weather is dismal, and right now it’s very cold and raining hard.  Cold rain is one of the worst kinds of weather, I think.  I’m  just hoping it doesn’t get so cold that the rain freezes, because freezing rain and ice is awful to drive on.  I’m glad I’m in for the night, but so many people I care about are not.

But.  Even as I was writing this, I was receiving messages from work about the short staff situation.  I really need a new way to look at it.  It is a permanent feature of my life while I work at the job that I have.  It stresses me so much that I mentally toy with the idea of changing jobs to something that doesn’t deal with managing people.

There was a twitter thing I read about (I don’t have twitter) where people described their “real” job in a few words.  Lots of people wrote something about “problem solver.”  And I certainly am that.  People bring me their problems all day long and for a day or two I actually tried to embrace the role of problem solver.  It’s not really what I want, but it is what I am.  So I want to be a good one, and that would involve being calmer about it internally in my mixed up crazy mind.

But for tonight there is cold rain outside and I am in.

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