Feburary 5, 2013 (this day)

IMG_0023Since I last wrote about and worried about snow, it has pretty much snowed non stop.  If this is the biggest of my problems, I am very lucky indeed.

Carole and I went to a meeting the other night where we read from the Big Book, part of Working with Others.  The directions seem out-dated to me, about going to some man’s house (it was always a man), telling him your story, giving him a Big Book, coming back for another visit, seeing if he wants it.  It seems to me that these days people show up because of court, or a friend brings them, or their therapist suggests it.  We’re really lucky to be living in a time when alcoholism is much better known than it was when the book was written.  Today, no one person depends on me to carry the message.  There are hotlines and message boards and chat rooms and meetings.

On a different topic, my daughter in grad school is on an exciting trip related to school.  She called this afternoon to tell me she won first place in some kind of speaker’s competition that she hadn’t told us existed because she was too nervous to think about it.  I joked that all the Saturday mornings I got up before sun (and sometimes in the snow) to drive her to forensics tournaments paid off.  Then she told me she is too busy to talk to me but she’ll try to call me later in the week.  But really I’m amazed at how much my two kids can accomplish.  Much more than me.  It’s of course possible that they would have been themselves no matter what, but I believe that staying sober through their childhoods had a lot to do with their success today.

And their success is just for today, I don’t know about tomorrow, so I’ll take it.


2 thoughts on “Feburary 5, 2013 (this day)

  1. I feel that we still need to carry the message (hence my username!) – even if we feel that we aren’t enough. One alcoholic to another is powerful stuff. I still see lots of people come to the rooms not because of court, mandates, therapists, urging of friend and family, etc. Many, like myself, come because they have had it, and want to be done for good and all. But you are correct, alcoholism is more well known, and with the Internet and all the media out there, people aren’t having to learn through word of mouth or get 12-stepped to get in the program. I love that there are blogs like this one which is many ways *does* carry the message! Even me being here, and reading your words and seeing good ol Dr. Bob up at the top of the page, you are carrying the message! We who have recovered are still the most important way of others receiving the message. We transmit what we have!

    Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the snow 🙂

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