January 27, 2013 (this day)

IMG_0036I really try to make peace with the snow.  I love the snow!  It’s pretty, and fun, and so much nicer than a bleak bare winter landscape.  Where I live, we usually have lots of snow of a very nice type.  It often snows just slightly, gently, all day or all night.  It doesn’t mess with the roads but it keeps all the snow on the ground clean and renewed.  My dog loves the snow.  It energizes her and makes her happy.

But driving in it frightens me.  It always has.  Aside from a few years, I have always lived where there is snow in winter and hills as well.  It’s always frightened me and I can specifically remember sitting at meetings, watching the snow fall, talking about this because it surely is something I cannot change.  More than that, I don’t want to change it.  I’ve lived without snow and I vastly prefer the climate that includes snow in winter.

Most winters, even in my climate, I don’t have to drive in scary snow.  That’s just the way it works out.  Snow falls at night, on weekends, or not at all.  Last year we had practically no snow at all.  So I keep that fact uppermost in my mind when I consider and think of and fear the damn snow.

I do other things.  The day after Christmas, when I had to work and big snow was predicted all day long, I packed for work like I would stay there for a month.  I try pretty much at each and every snow to notice how the driving goes for others, since I’m hardly ever driving in it.  I keep in my mind like the details of a plane crash, the time that ice descended on my region all of a sudden and just about everyone crashed.

OK that’s not a good example.

Friday I had to drive in the snow.  I was getting out of somewhere I was visiting for work at just exactly the wrong moment.  I drove home and I slid and I got more scared than I’ve been for a few years, driving and slipping in the snow.

I don’t mind the cold weather.  I prefer it to heat.  The snow is very pretty and it usually gives me no problem, even for years at a time.  I would not change my location with regard to snow if I could.  The climate that gives us such frequent snow often hides the sun when it otherwise would be beating down, and that’s just fine with me.  My only real negative factor in this my drive to work, which although it is around 25 miles each way, those miles are into and out of a city of some size, and the roads between here and there are as well maintained as any.  And it’s relatively flat.

I didn’t mean to write about snow today.  I’m going to hit the publish button, and then I’m going to shop for a Jeep.

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