January 1, 2013 (this day)

1207004I did not have alcohol in 2012.


I turned 50 in 2012.


I have reasonable hopes for 2013.


My daughter is still here, visiting.  I’ve been working and battling the snow and staying home.  My daughter brings two cats with her and so there are five cats in the house, and that is way too many.  I’ll worry about her when she goes, driving her old car in the snow to a place that’s even snowier, with two cats yet.


After our meeting on Saturday night we had everyone who wanted to come over to our house.  It was very nice and the folks of AA make excellent house guests.  One of those other recovery sites suggests that AA is made up of people you would not want to have over for dinner.  This makes no sense to me.  We can all say that about each other, and so . . . .?


Grateful to face the new year with the sense to know that every single person is equal to me, if only I could realize it.


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