November 10, 2012 (this day)

I’m still on a pink cloud from the election.

I’m usually so skeptical and cynical, plus I came of age (18) the year that Reagan beat Carter.  I spent much of my young adulthood thinking that someone I supported couldn’t possibly win.

I had heard that President Obama (in some mysterious manner that I don’t understand, nor do I want to understand) took money from the profits of the oil companies and spent it on clean energy.  Who could oppose this?  Sun and wind, it needs our financial support now, but it doesn’t pollute the environment or make the earth uninhabitable the way burning fossil fuels does.  I heard a conservative talk show person say that those who support Obama are like kids who want goodies now and don’t want to work hard or pay later.  Quite the opposite.  Let’s pay now and do the right thing and lead the world toward better living for everyone.

Kumbaya!  I guess enough people do actually agree with me and so our president gets four more years.  I am so lucky to get to watch.

Pink cloud.  Good things in the country and at work.  Next week I should have my family together for Thanksgiving.  I can’t call them nuclear, I guess, since only Carole actually lives with me anymore.  But each get together that my mother and kids can participate in is a blessing.  I know that each time this happens, we are one closer to the time when it doesn’t happen.  But mostly I’m really glad for right now.

At my meeting, someone spoke who Carole and I have known for 14 years.  We knew her way before she got sober and after she relapsed.  She’s working on a year now after some significant losses and if only it didn’t take that.  Still, she’s one of the very lucky ones today.  We used to live across the street from her and I’m thinking that maybe living across the street from us is good luck, since in our house now, Phyllis, who I’ve written about, lived across the street and got sober.  It’s interesting, running a meeting across the street.  In 8 years so very many of our neighbors have popped into and out of our meeting.  Some have died drunk.  Others we can hear through the yards need to come and should come and if they’re very very lucky, will come.  This life is good.


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