October 23, 2012 (this day)


This time last year Carole and I were visiting Erika.  This year she wanted us to come before school started.  I won’t see her until Thanksgiving.  If she wasn’t going to visit for Thanksgiving, I had devised very difficult plans to get us plus our son and my mother and our dog over to her for a visit.  I’m glad she’s coming here.

I hate politics.  I experience so many negative emotions every day as the election gets closer.  I hate it when I find out someone I like or love or care about doesn’t share my politics.  I come down to thinking that the person is just stupid.  But really, no one shares my politics.  I am left of liberal and it’s very often hard for me to tell the parties apart.  One of my favorite memories is when, after the election in 2000, I talked to my mother, and she said, “I hope you didn’t vote for Nader.  You’re in a swing state, you know.”

During the Bush years I thought it was just him that I couldn’t stand, and I would leave or change the channel rather than listen to him any time he came on.  But now I see that it’s really politics I can’t bear.  There were exciting moments for me watching Hillary and then Obama, and I certainly can bear to listen to him speak, but I really don’t want to listen.  I will be glad when this is over.  Meanwhile I fully realize that the character defects are all mine.

And on the topic of character defects, one of my big ones is sarcasm, cruelty, and meanness.  I can be very sarcastic.  I didn’t watch the debate last night but I saw some clips on the news this morning, and they said and I saw that Obama was being very sarcastic at times.  Is that OK because they are, in a sense, enemies and at war with each other?  Is this sarcasm somehow witty, or smart?
I wonder.


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