Obligations Squarely Met (Step Twelve continued)

. . . obligations squarely met . . .

A list of my obligations, off the top of my head:

  • the care and feeding of one dog and three cats including food, shelter, vet visits, discipline, exercise, affection, stimulation, and cleaning up after, whether I’m the one doing it, or I’ve engaged someone else to
  • paying all the bills of living in suburban USA
  • working at the job I’ve agreed to do – what that entails could fills book
  • being a good neighbor
  • being a good sponsor
  • being a good mother
  • being a good daughter
  • being a good wife
  • being a good employee
  • being a good supervisor
  • being good to all of my clients
  • being a good co-worker
  • sharing the upkeep of the house
  • taking care of myself
  • taking care of the environment
  • being a good AA group member and treasurer
  • being a good home-owner
  • being a good example of some of the groups I can represent – gay person, woman, alcoholic, AA member, Democrat, developmental disability professional
  • taking the field of developmental disabilities forward, or at least not taking it back
  • being a good driver and commuter
  • being a good friend

I meet some of these obligations more squarely than others.  I will have to give this list some thought.


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