Addictive Personality

The doggie had some ice cream on her recent “camping” trip.  It’s what comes to mind when I think of “addictive personality.”  I eat too much, mostly fat and sugar (the too much part).  I have been addicted to cigarettes and alcohol.  I play the Sims way too much.

The most important part of this concept, for me, is that I know in the depths of my soul that I cannot take mind-changing, mood-altering drugs, for any reason, without running the risk of becoming “addicted” to them, or running the risk of seeking out other drugs once these drugs hit my system.

In that way, my personality is “addictive.”  I love the effects of these drugs beyond all reason.  My addiction isn’t physical, when I first take them.  My addiction is psychological and it is so very powerful.

Beyond that, I don’t know about this “addictive personality.”  I guess alcoholics and other addicts may have less of some regulating part of our personality that makes us vulnerable, but I don’t know.  I personally don’t have problems with gambling or shopping or other “behavior-based” addictions, though I certainly know people who do.  I come down to being grateful that Alcoholics Anonymous and the people are there are great resources for recognizing and dealing with these behaviors.  We have a great yard stick, as well, with the concept of life becoming “unmanageable.”  That certainly covers a multitude of sins.


4 thoughts on “Addictive Personality

  1. I am an Addict & I want more not just 1or 2 but more !!!! I am in Recovery 6 years, alcohol was my drug of choice with cocaine when i stopped i noticed my addiction went to shoppping and now its food. We have to watch ourselves all the time but with GOD & the Program theres nothing better, it saved my Life !!!

  2. I have been thinking a lot about the “addictive personality.” When I first stopped drinking 18 months ago, I turned to food, big-time. Then I got that under control a bit but started shopping – not just shopping, really just “window shopping” online. It’s crazy, the amount of time I can spend browsing things to buy. I realize this is all a big distraction/escape for me, and that is the real issue, I think. I am still avoiding reality in many ways, even though I feel I am working a good program.

    • It will get better! Meanwhile “window shopping” won’t kill you the way alcohol will. It’s not good to pick up another addiction, but yours seems harmless enough. Moderation is a skill that needs to be practiced in order for you to get good at it.

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