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The following was sent as a comment to my page of AA topics.  I believe it deserves a post.

i’m curious about this. i’m a younger person who likes to drink (emphasis on likes)…i’m not someone who gets aggressive, violent, or any malevolent repercussions, maybe just acts stupid at the most part… I consider myself an alcoholic…i don’t harm anyone and am a respectful person no matter what my state is…however, the only thing people see is my harm to myself…that’s about it…i don’t offend people, don’t hurt people, don’t do anything like that; just my friends’ concerns…but i enjoy it…it’s my own choice and i like it…i’ve thought about the idea of why i indulge myself sometimes and to be the most honest sometimes, i think people suck…i think i’m an amazing person and, after meeting the tons of people i have, i don’t think anyone has the right to share my company with…maybe i’m too selfish…maybe i’m too sure of myself….i’m starting to find a dark side of myself and would like some advice…i think my kidneys are starting to hurt daily…i enjoy it though…i think there’s a sense of suicidal tendencies definitely involved that i actually enjoy…it’s on of the many conundrums i’m looking at…i don’t want jesus to save my life, i’m just looking for like-minded people…


And my response, here and by email:

Hi, and thanks for commenting.

My advice to you is the same as it is for anyone who is questioning.  I think that your appearance on a blog about alcoholism proves you have a problem.  If not, your hurting kidneys surely do.  Alcohol is a poison, and you cannot poison yourself daily without doing long-term, serious damage.

You may believe you’re not harming anyone and that may actually be true.  Or it may be that you’re unable to live responsibly because of the time you spend under the influence.  Feeling better than everyone around you is not a good feeling.  It is a lonely feeling.  You are not actually better than those around you, and so picture yourself accurately, as someone who thinks he is better but is clearly not.  That is a sad picture.

So my advice is that you check out Alcoholics Anonymous.  It costs nothing.  You sign nothing.  There is no obligation to stay or return.  You have nothing to lose but your self-harming habit and you have everything to gain.


3 thoughts on “In Comments

  1. The posts’ basics are almost my newcomer story. In my reply I just changed the pronouns and a couple of sentences. I hope whoever posted it will see my comment.

    I’m an older gentleman who loves to drink (30yr. drinking career; 47 yrs. old) I finally found A.A. 5 yrs ago and was in/out of the program. I FINALLY surrendered absolutely and gave everything over to the program, found spirituality, and Higher Power (not Jesus). I also am not someone who gets aggressive, violent, or any malevolent repercussions, just acts stupid at the most part, at first… I am an alcoholic…I didn’t think I was harming anyone but myself. I thought I was a respectful person no matter what my state was. It seemed that was about it…I didn’t physically offend people, unknowingly didn’t hurt people, anything like that, but I LOVED alcohol.…Yes, it was my own choice but after time I realized alcohol was making all my decisions, and I didn’t like that…I thought about the why I indulged myself sometimes and why I would lie sometimes. I too, think I’m an amazing person …I withdrew from society, family and friends that didn’t like my ways. I was very selfish…I was cocky and egotistical….I found a dark place very quickly as the years rolled on. My kidneys were failing…I kept drinking though…I too, thought of suicide. Kept drinking. The key for me though was I stuck with A.A. during those 5 years. The people I met felt the same way and they ended up very happy, calm and content. They are like-minded people. We ended up at the same Hell, took different paths to get there and met the same demons along the way. Don’t pick up a first drink today. Come to an A.A. meeting and meet others like us. A spiritual program has restored my sanity. Peace. ~Richard B.

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