September 4, 2012 (this day)

I’m bravely waiting to go to a meeting, planning to leave 14 minutes from now.  Bravely because Carole isn’t home, and I am always so reluctant to leave the dog.  She’s gotten a terrible fear of thunder, and it thunders most nights.  It’s overcast and hot and humid as heck, but so far no thunder.  Carole and I went to this meeting some time ago, and I remember thinking it was one of the worst meetings I had ever been to!  A woman talked about how her parents (whom she lives with) are so hard on her, the next talked about her irrational in-laws, and it was down hill from there.  I wonder if it’s gotten any better.

Today I understand that the fault is in myself.  I’m grateful for that.  And I want to get home and bathe and visit my Sims.  Pesky job has kept me occupied all day, and now this meeting tonight.  I also did cat litter, dishes, fed the critters etc.  Hard, it is, to be me.

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