August 24, 2012 (this day)

I love it when old buildings are preserved and reused.  I like to imagine when some of these places were built new, by people having or expecting big families.  I’ve read book written by people who grew up in them and I’ve learned things like back then, they really huddled around those four chimneys for heat.  In summer they sweltered in all their big clothing.

And, since this is an AA blog, they suffered and died from their alcoholism in a way that I am not and will not.  I’m so fortunate to be here, now.

I took off from work today and Carole and I tried to tour a modern ruin, part of the main industry of these parts for the first half of the last century.  There weren’t enough people for the tour we wanted, so we’ll go tomorrow instead.  Tomorrow night our meeting celebrates the second anniversary of a member.  This particular guy has gone from not smiling at all, ever, so smiling once every few weeks.  Progress!

We went shopping and to lunch.  We’ll watch a movie and go to bed.  This is my fascinating life today and I’m nothing but grateful, today.

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