August 20, 2012 (this day)

We are visiting Erika for just a day or two before school starts for her and for Carole.  We’re looking at the lake where she samples water for her thesis.  She and Carole are sleeping behind me while I write this.  The lake is beautiful.  To look at her, it’s hard for me to comprehend that I once held this water scientist within me.

She told us yesterday that she thinks she’ll have to go longer than the three years she was hoping for.  That come the spring, they probably won’t have a teaching position for her like they have until now so then no tuition waver and, more frightening than that, no health insurance.  I can’t help it, my mind goes to politics and it really seems to me like one side doesn’t care about that, and that the other side does.  Not to mention that one side will do more to protect this water than the other.  It’s an election year.  I’m so blessed to have witnessed what I have, and to have taken part in what I did.

And to have this daughter, and this wife, and this time away from work to do what I’m doing.  My alcoholism hasn’t endangered my daughter (yet) and from that miracle have come many others.


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