August 16, 2012 (this day)

I’m busy at work because my work partner and I are sort of alternating time off.  When she’s not at work, I have to be, plus I have to do more without her present.  Then I’m taking time off to visit Erika with Carole, then we’re going to tour a modern ruin, so I can’t work that day either.  It is truly a blessing to have these things to do and the means to do them.  It makes the reality that my on-going menopause will not quit a bit easier to live with.
Last night we went to a baseball game with I think 17 other people from the program.  No “beer here” there.  One of our young friends proposed to his girlfriend at the game with all of us there.  They met in sobriety and have been together for a few years.  They often have a difficult time of it but alcohol use does not been a factor for them.  It was wonderful, and again we are so fortunate to be a part of that.
Everything is good today.  I’m still looking for a little bit better balance because a few weeks into it, the Sims continue to eat my life.

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