Blame by Michelle Huneven (Literature as a Tool)

AA is a presence throughout the novel Blame, by Michelle Huneven.  It isn’t the star of the novel, and the novel doesn’t get very deep into the concepts of AA., but it gives a picture of a lifetime of AA that I don’t remember reading about elsewhere.

I enjoyed the story and the book enough to look forward to reading it.  I enjoyed the characters and the character development is good.  The character development as it relates to some of their experiences with AA over long periods of time is good.  Carole commented that one of the characters seems like some of the people we know in AA, and to me that’s  praise for the book.  I’ve come away from it thinking that it is a good book for anyone to read – people who have no involvement with AA as well as those who practice the program.

It doesn’t explain the program in-depth, which is probably a good thing for a fiction novel.  It does give a realistic view of how some key concepts, like a gratitude list, might work in real life.  Especially interesting to me is the portrayal of certain oldtimers, as well as a long-term couple in AA.

For pure enjoyment, there is a twist to the story, and I enjoyed it.  The book doesn’t grapple with the bigger meaning behind the twist, but it absolutely made me think deeply about the meaning of life.



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