August 7, 2012 (this day)

This is the first house Carole and I lived in together, years ago.  I see our old cat who is no longer with us on the porch.  That looks like just the right amount of snow.  Enough to be pretty but not so much that driving would be difficult.  I could use a little snow right now.  It’s still hot, hot, hot,  It’s been a very hot summer.

Yesterday Carole and I marked seven years since our ceremony in church.  Gay marriage is still not legal in our state.  Because we are not as legitimate a couple as some famous folks who get married briefly, again and again.  Don’t get me started.  I just hope I live long enough.  That becomes less likely every day.

I had a yucky day at work and two days from now I have to give my whole, long version story at an AA meeting.  Although the meeting is local,  it’s one of the very few I have never been to.  I hear it’s very hot and mostly male.  And while it’s a tremendous honor to be asked, and I would never say no, I will be relieved when it’s over.  Till then there’s not much else I can do besides deal with now.


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