July 29, 2012 (this day)

Last night at our meeting a young lady celebrated one year of sobriety, at the age of 23.  As a recap, I got sober (finally) four weeks before my 22nd birthday.  It is beyond wonderful to see someone succeed at that age.  She chose, for a topic, “yets.”  I hope that the profoundness I feel about her choice really resides within her.  For her to acknowledge that every bad thing she’s ever heard of waits for her, if she drinks, if she’s lucky, will be a key to life-long sobriety.  Amazing.

Carole is traveling with our daughter, Erika, which is in itself amazing.  A gift of sobriety.  I’m going to attempt to walk the dog on my own, and go to a meeting, full of gratitude at right this minute.


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