Acceptance (finis)

Of the six days we had to potentially swim in the ocean, we were only able to make it in on three. The water was too rough the other days.  Traffic to and from our destination was pretty bad and driving was difficult.  I had a painful chest for part of it (menopause), and my back hurt frequently.  The young family we traveled with struggled over the behavior and misbehavior of their children.  Carole didn’t catch as many fish as she had hoped.  The heat and humidity were unbearable for one and half of our days there.  Our son didn’t stay with my mother back home, like he had agreed to do.

Acceptance is what makes us say, after that experience, that the vacation was absolutely wonderful.

In trying to summarize the way acceptance works for me in my life, I had the thought that acceptance has made me give up “magical” thinking, or at least to try and recognize it for what it is.

People in the program around here like to say, “I don’t have to like what I have to accept.”  True enough.  I accept terrible things and I don’t like them a bit.

But, and I’m sure I can’t write this out to express exactly what I mean, I’d like to take it a step further and actually like everything in my life, good and bad.  I had read that as an aspect of humility once, and I’m sure I could never actually get myself to where I’m that together that I can actually do it with any real success.  But I’d like to.

I can hear it sometimes in the people who don’t have a program, this constant dislike of some aspect of reality.  I’m grateful that even when I have that, I still know right away that I need to follow those thoughts with thoughts of gratitude, no matter where I have to go in order to find them.


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