July 21, 2012 (this day)

The SAND in my bathing suit is just a memory now.  I’m really grateful I can still be pummeled to that extent by the waves and live to tell about it.  And enjoy it.

I’ve been back to work and all of our visitors are gone.  The swelling from my ankles is almost gone.  I guess that sunburn made my ankles swell?  Menopause made other parts of me retain water and that is not gone.  Nor is the pain.  I cancelled my mammogram for next week because there is no way I could bear it right now.  As soon as this subsides I’ll reschedule.

Today is an average Saturday.  We took the dog to the wash-your-own-dog place and she’s already forgiven us.  We have our meeting tonight and in between …….

It’s a bit of a joke that, like the commercial, I don’t like fun.  Really lots of things that other people consider to be fun, I dislike.  Many things that Carole considers to be fun, I dislike.  But I offer as proof that I do actually like fun the fact that

the Sims ate my life.  And last night they even made their way into my dreams.


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