July 9, 2012 (this day)

I had to look up the date!

There is internet access, thank goodness.  I was ready to do without but not happy about it.

The awful weather broke here and back home, thank goodness.  Today was a perfect day for me to be on the beach.  It was cloudy, so no sun.  The waves were awesome and the friends we’re traveling with and their kids joined me in the water.  I stayed in until my fingers shriveled up.  Very, very nice.

Carole and I sponsor this couple – me, her and she, him.  The plan is to go to a 7:30 meeting tomorrow morning.  Groan.  We’ll see how that goes.  We’re in a very vacationy spot.  I don’t think many people actually live here.  We went to a meeting here last year and one of the regulars was talking about the stress of having tourists come and go.  It must be strange.

Anyway, extremely much to be grateful for, including, of course, the internet.


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