In the Years Since (Step Twelve continued)

In the years since, however, most of us have come to agree with those doctors.  We have had a much keener look at ourselves and those about us.  We have seen that we were prodded by unreasonable fears or anxieties into making a life business of winning fame, money, and what we thought was leadership.  So false pride became the reverse side of that ruinous coin marked “Fear.”  We simply had to be number one people to cover up our deep-lying inferiorities.  In fitful successes we boasted of greater feats to be done; in defeat we were bitter.  If we didn’t have much of any worldly success we became depressed and cowed.  Then people said we were of the “inferior” type.  But now we see ourselves as chips off the same old block.  At heart we had all been abnormally fearful.  It mattered little whether we had sat on the shore of life drinking ourselves into forgetfulness or had plunged in recklessly and willfully beyond our depth and ability.  The result was the same–all of us had nearly perished in a sea of alcohol.


Included for completeness, and because, if I continue for a few more years, I’ll have transcribed the entire book!


2 thoughts on “In the Years Since (Step Twelve continued)

  1. {{Hugs}} Sorry about your sucky week. Grief and loss are so hard because every new loss triggers the old ones. (And I would have been a crying, sobbing mess if one of my cats disappeared for any length of time). You amaze me. Despite your physical, family, work and environmental challenges you remain grateful and sober. It helps me to see it/read about it. I know if you can do it, I can too 🙂

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