June 2, 2012 (this day)

Last year at this time I was in the Smoky Mountains, about to have a close encounter with a bear.  This year we’re going to Ocean City in July, and I’m a bit afraid of the heat.  It will be a mostly swimming vacation for me, weather permitting.  Swimming is really the only physical activity I ever do just for the enjoyment of it.  That, and maybe, under certain circumstances, walking.

Today the weather that I love is back, and we’ll be taking the dog to the park before the meeting tonight.  We’re such a busy lot that we’ll be celebrating my anniversary from back on May 1, along with the fourth anniversary of another member from the beginning of May –  a really bright spot in the group.  It was part of the concept when we started the group to celebrate anniversaries of members.  It’s not generally done in this area.  And I love it, except when it’s mine.  I’ll try to be brave.

The other night I went to a meeting and there were only three of us there.  The other women had 23 and 19 years, and I took the opportunity to talk to them about being an “oldtimer.”  It was a really good discussion, and part of me still longs to start and oldtimer meeting.  There is one once a year in this area, but I mean one that meets every frigging week and bellyaches about the challenges and celebrates the joys.

When I asked them what they feel they can’t do or say in a regular meeting that includes and is geared toward newcomers we came up with quite a list.  Oh well, for now I’ll be glad for the shared experience I got the other night, I’ll be glad that I’m not alone in these oldtimer feelings, and mostly be glad for the new people who come and who keep the fellowship alive and well for me as I age.

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