May 8, 2012 (this day)

We live on the edge of a city and, because of things going on in the city, were thwarted in our efforts to cross through it to the other side to walk a trail.  Instead we walked around a few blocks near our edge of the city.  It was cool to do, but some strangers are afraid of our dog.

Our dog has been acting sickly though she seems better at the moment.  Carole took her to the vet yesterday.  She’s been not eating right away, which she has never done in all her years with us before, and she’s been throwing up.  The vet said she could have reflux (which, if she does, she got from Carole.  I have an iron stomach and haven’t had an issue in decades).

The dog may be nine years old, or maybe 10.  Today, like every day, could be her birthday.  For reasons that are probably all recorded here somewhere, I am extremely attached to this dog.  I’m very grateful that we got to give her some good years.  I really hope we get to give her many more.  And I’m still hoping to have one of my pets go quietly in their sleep of old age.  Hasn’t happened for me yet.

Last year we brought these into our lives, and the other night they knocked the smoke detector off the ceiling.

Today I’m off from work first, to go for my womanly yearly.  My cycle has been so messed up I’ve thought of not tracking.  The menopause chronicles are there for anyone interested.  To summarize, I bled for 35 days in 2008, 93 days in 2009, 56 days in 2010, 49 days in 2011, and so far I’ve bled most of this year.  After all the tests to see if I had cancer or something else really wrong, I’ve gone without drugs or surgery.  I really don’t know anyone else who has gone without drugs or surgery and so there’s no one to talk to about it.  But, what to say?  Whenever symptoms appear I remind myself (and those lucky enough to be listening to me) that I’m upset because my body is working properly.  Really.  I’ll be 50 at the end of the month.

After the doctor we are heading out on a mission of mercy to buy a used, special chair for someone we know who needs one.  The state of funding for people with disabilities is terrible right now.  I cannot believe that in this land of plenty, we (society) cannot provide a special chair to someone who needs one.  I hope the chair works out but, sadly, I know that if it doesn’t work for this particular person, it will work for someone else who needs it and doesn’t have it.

So today I’m grateful for the ability to help get the chair.  I’m grateful that the dog seems OK and if she’s not, I can provide medical care for her, if that’s what she needs.  I’m grateful that I’m going for my yearly and haven’t been to the lady doctor in a year because, well, my body works properly!

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