Let’s here take note of our improved outlook (Step Twleve continued)

Included for thoroughness, because this ain’t me.

Let’s here take note of our improved outlook upon the problems of personal importance, power, ambition, and leadership.  These were reefs upon which many of us came to shipwreck during our drinking careers.

Practically every boy in the United States dreams of becoming our President.  He wants to be his country’s number one man.  As he gets older and see the impossibility of this, he can smile good-naturedly at his childhood dream.  In later life he finds that real happiness is not to be found in just trying to be a number one man, or even a first-rater in the heartbreaking struggle for money, romance, or self-importance.  He learns that he can be content as long as he plays well whatever cards life deals him.  He’s still ambitious, but not absurdly so, because he can now see and accept actual reality.  He’s willing to stay right size.

I was more the “hide beneath the heap” kind of person.

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