April 24, 2012 (this day)

The leaves on the trees are opened much, much bigger and wider this year than last.  I took this picture exactly one year ago today, and difference is striking.  It’s been such a warm winter, it frightens me.  Global warming, the myth, and all that.

Today, Barbra Streisand is 70!

I went to work for a while this morning then came home to work here.  I had a craving for McDonalds.  Carole followed me right down that muddy path and we both ate it.  We’re a bad combination in that way for each other.  But today I’ll be glad that she doesn’t and I don’t drink or smoke any more.  We haven’t for a long time.

And menopause is making me sick.  I believe it.  Nauseous.  My back hurts more than it has in a long time, and the exercises I do when it hurts aren’t helping.  My knee pains me and today I made an appointment to go see an oral surgeon to see if he can save one of my very back teeth.  My dentist said this guys puts a camera down in the gums and kills all the infection.  I asked her how long I will need this back tooth for.  50 years?  40?  30?  20?  She commented that if I left the office and got hit by a bus, all my dental work will have been for nothing.

The final report that I was worried about beginning in the end of February is in, but no one has said a word about it.  Still waiting, and plotting different futures, and trying hard to appreciate what I have this day.

At my meeting last Saturday, a “chronic relapser” like me asked what everyone does to stay sober.  For a chronic relapser like me, I shared my number one strategy.  Don’t drink.

One thought on “April 24, 2012 (this day)

  1. I was reading about Judy Collins in the PG yesterday. She is celebrating 34 years sober but that wasn’t the part that floored me. She’s 72. Boy do I feel old.

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