Yets in AA are things that haven’t happened as a result of drinking, YET.

My own experience proved to me that what I was told about it was true.  AA said that if I continued to drink, things would continue to get worse, and all the bad things that had so far happened to other people would happen to me.

I have six years of drinking in AA to prove to myself that it was true.  It got worse, I did bad things I hadn’t previously done and got into trouble I hadn’t previously gotten into.  My belief that all the rest of the bad things out there will indeed happen to me if I drink is something precious and it is a cornerstone of my sobriety.  I feel sorry for people who haven’t gotten there yet.  Drinking, the only limit on the bad things would be if I killed or disabled myself, or got locked up.

I’m also lucky that I was young when I got sober, so my list of yets is quite extensive.  I’ll list a few.

Drinking, for me, hasn’t yet resulted in

  • car accident
  • jail
  • rehab
  • my children seeing/hearing/experiencing me drunk
  • lost job
  • lost marriage
  • bankruptcy
  • debt

All those, plus an additional whole world of pain, will be mine, if I’m lucky, if I drink.


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