February 11, 2012 (this day)

It’s a cold and snowy Saturday.  Carole has baked some yummy things for the meeting tonight.  We watched half of the first half of the first Harry Potter movie.  I am, was, going to walk the dog momentarily before I get ready for the meeting, but I see it may have gotten too cold.  Twenty degrees is my limit of coldness.  I should have gone earlier.  Although now I just checked the thermometer and it says it’s actually 20.  So off I will go.

I’ll walk the dog down to the mailbox, which is a very short walk.  We’ll return the DVD “Gasland.”  Carole and I watched part of it until she fell asleep.  But we got the gist.

It’s an election year here in the US.  Well, a presidential election year.  We won’t be as involved as last time, when Carole campaigned and then some for Hillary.  I have been so incredibly blessed to live through this time and see this president.  And my liberal bleeding human services heart has been hurt by the things politicians from the other party cut.  I honestly struggle, and struggle hard, to see the other side of these questions.

And I’m happy that my mid life has brought me more involvement in these things.  Carole and I cried real tears when GW Bush was sworn in, and we promised to do more than cry next time, to try to prevent anything like that from happening again.  And we have.  Her much more than me, but she is a people kind of person.

And this is not the opinion of AA, this is the opinion of this AA blogger.  AA has been the place where I’ve come closest to loving my neighbor whose opinion differs from mine in this way.  Closer, but I’m not there yet.  I’m very far from there.

And AA teaches me that this is a character defect of mine, and I accept that.  One day I might be ready to work on it, if it hurts enough, and I live long enough.

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