January 5, 2012 (this day)

From this time last year, I have pictures of Carole’s back surgery.  She’s a teacher and has a long break at this time of year.  Perhaps this will be our winter ritual.  Perhaps this is our winter ritual, and I haven’t realized it till now.  Or perhaps I’m being dramatic and silly.

She was checked by the doctor today and graduated to a cane.  We saw her bionic knee on an x-ray.  My daughter has gone back to her home, after a very tense night when she tried to leave and had to turn back due to snow.  It’s snowing where she is now.  It snows there all winter.  I miss her but not really her cats.  Five cats in one house is too many.

My mother is still here helping, thank goodness.  I’ve been working at home since we’ve been back from the doctor, the notary (to get her a temporary disabled parking permit for work), the drugstore (to buy the cane) and Starbucks, because she’s an addict.

Neither of us has been to a meeting since last Saturday but we’re going to try tomorrow to go to one that has no stairs.  Along with the stories from the first edition of the Big Book, we’ve been reading from “Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers.”  Fascinating stuff there – not!  But one thing I love about very long-term sobriety is the ability to internalize and study so much of the program, including the history.  The recovery from the knee will end, and this recovery won’t.  All is well, for today.


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