December 3, 2011 (this day)

I’m sick.  I haven’t been sick for a very long time.  I don’t like it.  I’m home, and Carole has gone to our meeting and out afterwards.  I’m planning to stay home and get well and go to work on Monday.

This week was hard in several ways.  Monday and Tuesday, my mother was still here, and Nicholas came over both nights to see her, so even though I went to work, there was still a lot to do after work being with them and playing Wheel of Fortune on the Wii.  Wednesday morning I took my mother to the airport then went to work.  Thursday I went to be with a friend because her partner of 20 something years moved out that day.  Right before I left work for that, a letter came from the head of the agency where I work saying there would be lay offs for, as far as I know, the first time ever at that agency.

I work in human services, at a day program for adults who have developmental disabilities.  These folks are so disabled that they need more help than even a sheltered workshop can provide.  My agency does have a sheltered workshop, though, and other services for people with mental retardation like residential housing and respite.  There is also a whole mental health side of the agency but basically, we are human services, and we’ve suffered big budget cuts.  And really we didn’t have all that much before.

It just makes me absolutely ill that we, as a society, fund some things and not others.  That our most dependent and vulnerable people can’t have, as just one example, a place to live when their family can no longer support them, or a special chair to sit in if they need it.

So.  The next day, Carole told me she will have her knee replaced later this month.  Part of that time, Erica will be here again with her two cats, I’ll be working and taking care of everything at home.  I’m sure it will be easy and pass quickly.  Not!

Then last night, as my voice was failing, I gave my whole sordid story at a meeting.

Now, I should turn my attention to the wreck that is my “novel” from Nanowrimo.  But really, I feel sick enough without doing that.

A.A. Has Many Single Alcoholics

A.A. has many single alcoholics who wish to marry and are in a position to do so.  Some marry fellow A.A.’s.  How do they come out?  On the whole these marriages are very good ones.  Their common suffering as drinkers, their common interest in A.A. and spiritual things, often enhance such unions.

“Common interest in A.A. and spiritual things . . . ”  I like that!

I’ve been married twice in AA, and divorced once.  I do believe the next sentences in the 12 and 12 will address a lot of what was wrong about my first marriage, or more specifically, what was wrong with me.

But now.  Carole and I met at an online gay AA meeting, and I wouldn’t meet her in person until she had one year sober.  A technicality!  We have been together for 14 years, which is a good record for anyone these days.

We are very different in many ways, but I think the thing that we share in common the most is AA.  And I think that’s a more valuable thing to share than a high school, a neighborhood, a sport, a hobby, an office, or any of the other places people meet each other.

There are drawbacks to this situation (like when she is wrong and won’t promptly admit it : – ) but I think on the whole it is really wonderful, and I’m blessed and lucky to be a part of it.